In Haiti, there is an ongoing need for the Word of God. It’s not like the USA at all.

Often times a Haitian won’t have the money for a Bible, even if it is just a dollar. More likely, they might be able to save up 65 extra gourdes (about $1) at some point, but even then the nearest Bible is not available, not even at the city near where they live. No cars. No Bibles! Not even one!

In the villages where we minister, we are the agent God will use to spread the Word. This is where you and I come in. Many people today are carrying a Bible to read in Haiti because you and I were obedient to do what we should. We have given thousands of Bibles already, and we have 800 more Bibles on the way to us right now. Would you like to be a part?

Thank you World Missionary Press, Inc. for your partnership with us to send Bibles out around the World.

Do you want to store up good things in heaven where it truly counts? Join us and God will bless you for it…but, it will require faith. Please step out today.

If you can’t give but want to help, please share and we will reach more people; perhaps God recently placed this need on someone else’s heart you know. No pressure, just your faith expressing itself in love! Thanks!

Click here to give a Bible now.

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