When you pass through the waters…

First of all:  Thank you for praying. Thank you for caring for our family and the Haitian people.  We are totally done with the purchase of land for the Tinot church.  On this trip in September, we talked to a few possible builders for the Gospel for Haiti Mission Center. In the times in between working on those logistics, we talked to Haitians and told them about God’s love for them and how to be saved.  We saw three one-on-one salvations, along with several who confessed Jesus as Lord as a group in a crowd at the river; some of those were rededications.

Pastor Hosea Bilyeu teaching during a pastor training course with Project HOPE

The pastor training with Project HOPE went well, and we considered it a huge success with 40 or more pastors from the area around Pignon. Some pastors walked about 2 hours in the morning and then back again in the afternoon to attend this training. Four hours total spent in foot-travel! These are some dedicated believers in Jesus! Praise God!

If you didn’t yet see the cool story about how the Lord worked things out for Ronel to get some shoes, you can read it at https://www.gospelforthenations.org/uncategorized/divine-appointments-september-trip-2016/

This young man was so excited to know the love and joy that comes only from knowing Jesus

The last day as I was heading out, I met a boy and started talking with him. Then I brought up Jesus in the conversation. Although he didn’t know about Jesus or what He had done to make a way to be saved, he was quickly excited about receiving this forgiveness and great relationship with our Lord. So at about 5:45 AM, he asked Jesus to save him and soon spoke of the Joy that he had in his heart.

I continue to learn more Creole so talking about our Lord is becoming easier and easier.

Building plans for GFH Mission Center



Lastly, we are moving forward with fund-raising for the Mission Center, the water well on the property, and solar panels and batteries. The price of the approximately 2000-square-foot center is $50,000, with another $20-25 thousand needed for the well, pump, and solar panels.  This will provide a place for our family to stay for weeks or months at a time and an ongoing place to house missionary teams to spread the Gospel in a variety of ways, including some interesting ways to do it with technology based there.  We will be asking donors to consider and pray about purchasing bricks, sand, concrete, metal and other items to get this evangelism center built soon.

Thank you again for your continued prayers!

Prayer needs:

* Pray for those in Haiti affected by hurricane Matthew. We’ve been in contact with several people on the ground in Haiti, and at the time this newsletter was sent, the people were safe. Everyone on the island is going to need a lot of God’s help through this time.
* Continued favor in Haiti and in the States with everything we do. If God doesn’t go before us and help us, we are toast!
* Pray for wisdom in fundraising. We are going to be asking that the Lord will connect us with people to help fund the building of the Mission Center. We need help from God in this faith journey.

* Pray for vehicles to be donated through a nationwide vehicle donation organization with whom we are working for fundraising. This is zero cost to us, but we get a majority of the donation. And, of course, other vehicles can still be donated through Gospel for Haiti.

* Pray for the church in Tinot. Pray that they would continue to grow and grow in the Lord. Pray for the right builder and the right well driller.  Pray for Pastor Dumanot that he would be strengthened and serving the Lord with zeal in Tinot.

Praise reports:

The girl in the middle is the very first convert from the very first evangelistic trip to Haiti -- she's still growing strong and on fire for the Lord!
The girl in the middle is the very first convert from the very first evangelistic trip to Haiti — she’s still growing strong and on fire for the Lord!

* Several people were saved during this past trip! We continue to meet people everywhere that have been saved previously and are growing in the Lord. It is very exciting to see.
* Praise the Lord for keeping everyone safe on this past trip, healthy and free from disease!
* Praise the Lord for allowing us to get stopped by the raging river in order to share the gospel to a crowd of about 12-15.


Thank you again for your prayers and support and encouragement!

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