Well . . . It's Done!

Spend a few minutes with these videos to be transported to the well site!

Friday was “prep day” for the drilling rig to come on Saturday.

Saturday they set up the equipment:


And then, the long-awaited beginnings of the drilling consists of going down into the ground, pumping water through the drilling pipes, and slowly drilling down, down, down through the dirt and rocks and sand.

First Day! Today was the starting-to-dig day! So fun to know what this is going to be for the people in this community!

Saturday afternoon update: They had reached 60 feet down, then this is what they found at 70 ft. It’s the kind of gravel and sand we need if we are going to find water!

Things are looking good. The kids enjoyed my short class on the necessity of sand. Tomorrow the drillers are working (not my idea) and I told them we could have church at the digging site. We will have preaching (myself) choir (the main drill guy), and prayer (Richard Wilson). Thanks
for your prayers for this project!

By the next day, they had arrived at 100 feet, and were predicting there was water, but they wanted to go to at least 150 feet to be sure there was enough good, clean water for the Kandelon community’s needs.

On Monday morning, they were at 120 feet, and by Monday evening they had only 10 more feet to go.

By Tuesday morning, we arrived at 150 ft. There will be plenty of water, now just to case and clean the pipes! It’s all going very well. No pun intended!

The well is pumping water! The house is being built for it! The people are all smiles!
The well is ready! The families in Kandelon are so excited to be using it!!! All that’s left is to finish the painting. Thanks to all those who gave and prayed. I believe God is WELL pleased!
Praise the Lord for clean, abundant, and *nearby* water!!!
By the end of the month, the house for the pump was built and, on the last day, was painted. We put an appropriate verse on the wall of the well: Isaiah 44:3 “For I will pour water on the thirsty land, and streams on the dry ground…”

There is a nice scenery on the inside that is just cool to see while you pump. Thank you God, thank you James River Church, and thank you for all who donated. The middle top says, “Thanks James River Church and other donors (individuals).”

The people of Kandelon are doubly excited with the paintings! Glory to God!


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