We are pumped!!

Well, we are 90% packed and we leave tomorrow for Tinot Haiti! The entire family will be traveling and also David Packwood! David will be helping us hook up all the plumbing and help us to get settled along with sharing the Gospel. The first part of the trip we will focus on hooking up a well water pump, tank and hopefully a warm water system to the new Mission Center!We also need to spend some time fixing our faithful Toyota 4runner. All the ball joints need to be changed, the tires need changed and the brakes, well the brakes are only stopping us with God’s help.

We will  also be working with the church in Tinot (Adonai Gospel Church) to reach out to the lost in more remote regions. We hope to plant two more churches soon in remote locations to carry this wonderful gospel to the regions beyond!  God has sheep that don’t yet know they are sheep. We must GO and tell them about this wonderful grace of God. Jesus is the Way, the Truth, and the Life!

There is so much to do and so much to pray about, we hope you will join us in this  exciting adventure!  We always will need senders and love it when people join with us in God’s Mission!  Please pray for salvations, discipleship to be taking place, and church plants to take hold and flourish as we seek to see many more come to Christ. We hope to keep you updated the best we can!  We love you all!!!!

#72625_Gospel for Haiti

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