VooDoo Showdown, part 2

Do you remember the previous post about the night there was a loud gathering of a few people calling on the enemy with their fire?

Nelson spoke via the GFH sound system — his message, praise, and worship were broadcast all throughout the area!! Lord, let Your Word go forth and accomplish Your purpose!!!!

Well, a few evenings later, we gathered with many villagers to worship the LORD and declare HIS praises — in the same place. This zone belongs to Jesus!!!

That night, a fire came from God to the people via the Holy Spirit. A former witch doctor named Nelson spoke on the truth and the power of the Gospel to give life! He was well-known as a “very powerful” witch doctor, one who was credited with many “abilities” (including using spells to make some people ill and even putting others to death!)  But, the Lord rescued him out of that darkness, and now he goes and tells others about the glory and power and redemption of the Lord! 

A man who once served Satan with all of his heart, he now preaches on the power of God to deliver and save. About 40 people were there the night he came to our village, and the message was very clear: voodoo is not welcome in Tinot. We sang and danced on top of the ashes from their ritual fire. After the service was finished, we placed a Cross at the intersection to let everyone know: this is God’s village!

This is the intersection where they had the voodoo ritual with a fire, and then they buried a few various things (likely thinking they would have some effect.)

There were a few confrontations over the next few days, as the witch doctor tried to take down the cross and break it up, but we and the people in the village kept returning and rejoicing in the Lord — and re-establishing the cross!

When Darrell asked the people who wanted voodoo in Tinot; not one person responded other than the witch doctor. Next, Darrell asked who wanted Jesus in Tinot. The ensuing applause and cheering was thunderous! A neighbor offered his property on the corner to hold the cross. He worked diligently to make the area very tidy, we dug a hole, and joyfully put up the cross. We sang some more praise and worship songs, prayed again to the One True Lord of Hosts, and left victorious. We know the cross holds no power in and of itself, but it symbolizes the greatest power of all: what Jesus has already done for us. It is a finished work! We are praying that God continues to “draw all men to Himself”. Thanks for joining us to continue to pray for the salvation of witch doctors in our area.

A faithful neighbor, Elol, proudly volunteered his property on the corner for the placement of the cross.
The cross reads, “Sel Jezi gen viktwa!” (“Only Jesus has the victory!”)

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