Well, my apologies it has been so long since we posted here. We continue to work, and share the Gospel in Haiti and at different times, other nations as God would lead. Let me see if I can remember and sum up 2023! Please let me ramble on a bit as there is alot to talk about! Jan 2023 Steve Nolte and I traveled to Saudi Arabia as he had contacts there. We were bold in proclaiming the Gospel in a closed country. Many heard the truth there, and “one” was miraculously saved. We met the “one” at the mall and he was inquisitive about the Truth invited us to a cool place in Saudi where the tourists go and after we finished there, we asked him, “what would keep you from being saved right now?” He didn’t have a reason and He prayed to receive Jesus Christ right there in the car.

We later went to Dubai where we went to a work camp and shared the Gospel. The most important time there was when we were on the bus talking to a friend we had made. As we were explaining the scriptures to him, others in the bus began to listen and before long, it was obvious that the whole back of the bus were listening to us talk about Jesus

One of the things that we learned about Muslims, or the Islamic faith, is that they are taught from the very young age that Jesus never claimed to be God. The cool thing is almost everyone we talked to believed that the Bible was true, and it was a holy book. So with this knowledge, we could simply turn to places in the Bible and cause their spirit, soul and mind to stir a bit. We didn’t see anyone saved in Dubai but they were many seeds planted, and I believe that, as a result there will be people saved. From there we went onto Israel to witness more, but mostly learn.
Soon after we got back, I went onto Haiti, where I do what we usually do there. Many times during the year I traveled to Haiti, and I consistently go about every 2 to 3 months. We help people, we build things, we preach, we share the gospel publicly, we do evangelism outreaches via the Jesus film…and if there’s water wells to maintain, we make sure that they are going strong. When we preach, we preach at the church that we started several years ago, or those that invite us, and that fellowship continues to see people saved and do the work of the ministry there in that small town.  Due to the continual unrest in Haiti, schools started late in 2023, but we still take care of about 22 to 24 students on average for each school year. This is a big undertaking, but we believe that it is bearing fruit and one of the main things it does besides the obvious, it provides inroads into the families to be an influence, and to let them know that we love them, and love and care for the things that they love and care for as well.
We continue to do medical treatments for different things that are relatively easy for us to do, but nearly impossible for them to think about doing. Whether it is a special surgery that someone needs, cleaning a wound, antibiotics and gauze for a machete cut, or deworming 70 kids community, it’s super important to keep everyone, as much as we are able to, some medical care.

In 2024 so far we have seen many saved (over 10) and we seek to be faithful to continue to do the work of the ministry, as the Lord leads
I know many of you don’t do Facebook, nor do you have any desire to do Facebook, but for my team, and I usually that’s the mode of social media that gets chosen. So if you feel like you’re a little bit behind the information curve, and this site hasn’t been updated, you might check us out on Facebook!

Pic: Caught a shot during the line up for a medical clinic for the kiddos!

Blessings on everyone! Thank you for all that you do to share the Gospel! no matter what you do where you do it it’s important that you do do something!!

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