We want to tell you a story a little differently than we usually do!

This series of very brief videos (less than 2 minutes each) share the need of a well (a “tiyo”) in the nearby community of Kandelon. Each video will share an important part, culminating with the request for funds for this well, should God put this on your heart. We’ll include links to the secure place for online giving at the bottom of this page, and then you can choose the “Well project Kandelon” designation choice.

We feel much momentum already, and we are very excited about what GOD is going to do to help this group of good people!

God bless you as you follow along on my little journey!

Video 1 and 2:



Getting water can be a very time and energy consuming process!

Videos 3 and 4:



I believe this is God’s will! Let’s do this project!!

Videos 5 and 6:



Man this water is heavy!! 8.3 lbs per gallon at 5 gallons is 40 + lbs!!!! I was way off on my guess in the video — must be that I’m strong! Ha ha! Not. But my two containers were at least 60 lbs total!! These people are awesome and work so hard for their livelihood!

Videos 7 and 8:



After about 200 yards my arms wanted to drop off! All the kids get involved in carrying water, starting as young as two or three — no kidding!

Videos 9 and 10:



If you turned on the faucet to wash your hands or brush your teeth this morning, you need to stop right now and praise God!   34 minutes for walking and pumping — and that’s just for one trip. Many make several trips per day!

Videos 11 and 12:



God bless the hearers to have a Spirit of Generosity to do your will!! We talked with a cool family indeed!!

Videos 13 and 14:



God is working in Kandelon!

Videos 15 and 16:



Last video #17:


Price of well and pump: estimated last year at $10k (depending on how deep); block building, panels, and accessories: estimated $5k.  Total project budgeted cost: $15k  (The land has already been purchased.) If you’d like more detailed information concerning total cost of the project or if you have other questions, email us at affinity4him2@centurytel.net 

Please do what God puts on your heart to do! Rainy season is coming! Imagine carrying water while trudging through the mud!! Lord bless this project! God’s will be done!

This was a fun video series to make; we hope you enjoyed watching it, too! Special thanks to Josiah Tonsing for video help!

If you have any troubles with the website giving please let us know (it’s been slow to load lately!) You can also mail checks to: Gospel for Haiti 3031 Smyrna Rd., Ozark MO 65721    Thanks in advance!!


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