The possibilities are upon us

On Jan 2, 2016, a team from Project H.O.P.E. and I will be traveling back to Haiti to do Vacation Bible School outreaches for the first week. The team will return to the U.S., and I will stay in Haiti at “God’s house” in Pignon aps have never seen a movie before (let alone the JESUS Film!) It is always great to see the excitement of the communities as they  rally around this outreach.

We need your help, of course, with prayer first of all. Anytime we go into these communities with the truth and destroy the enemy’s lies, he will want to return harm back on us. This is just part of it. We benefit greatly by praying for help, protection, health, and favor with the people and pastors.

It’s so exciting!  We are expecting many salvations andIMG_2533 plan to purchase Bibles in Port au Prince for those who will believe in the coming two weeks. Two weeks is not a lot of time, but we can do a lot there with your help through prayers and support. I am excited to work with an American team in showing the JESUS Film, and also to get back to working with our Haitian partners as well during the week after.

The little girl Phara, after some ups and downs, continues to have liver issues, and we decided to send her to the hospital for tests to see what is going on.  Though this is not our main mission in Haiti, Pharrawe won’t leave people to die as we are sharing Christ with them. Prayer works and is surely helping and protecting her, yet we haven’t yet seen a breakthrough in her body to where she is totally better. Many of our prayer partners are excited to see how God will bring about her healing!

If you would consider a Christmas offering to this mission, it would be appreciated. (Please visit, where you can scroll down to find Darrell’s name on the lower right side of the list and then click to donate via PayPal. You can also send a check made payable to “Project H.O.P.E.” to Gospel for Haiti, 3031 Smyrna Rd., Ozark, MO  65721.) Because God is behind these missions, He will certainly supply all your needs. Any gifts received this month will be split, 60% to go to Bibles and 40% to evangelism efforts on the ground in Haiti, unless you tell us otherwise. If you feel in your heart to give something for Phara’s medical needs, just let us know.

PRAY, PRAY, PRAY and we will have a great report!  I’m believing we will see many more signs and wonders too.

Much love,
Darrell (The Tonsing Family)

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