The Outward Symbol of the New

This is Titon, son of Neland (daughter of voodoo witch doctor) who got saved recently. He had not cut his hair ever! (Due to voodoo beliefs.) He wanted to cut it earlier because he was a believer, and it is hot and hard to manage (actually, he didn’t manage it).

Yesterday he got his hair cut. It was a big step of faith for his mom, Neland. It took her a while, vacillating back and forth (those old family superstitions and false beliefs are strong pulls for a brand-new believer), but she is moving away from the old and into the new.

This is just one outward symbol we can see because of the inward “new” that has come. Praise God for Salvation because we know her sins were washed away! So cool to watch her faith grow!

Look at the second pic — same kid, just a bit cooler!

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