The Lord is Returning and So Are We

We hope you all are doing well and everyone is in good health. Please pause with us for a moment to remember a dear ministry partner who was an integral part of this ministry's bookkeeping. She passed suddenly this week. We thank the Lord for the beautiful person she was, and we ask you to please remember her family in prayer.

This Saturday, July 18, Micah and Darrell will be heading down to Florida to catch a flight early the following Tuesday morning where they will fly into Cap Haitien, Haiti. They will pick up the Gospel for Haiti vehicle and travel to Pignon for a two-week stay. They will be carrying some supplies, but, most importantly, they are carrying encouragement and faith for the people of the Central PlateauPlease pray specifically for them each day for protection, wisdom, and discernment as difficult situations often arise during our stays there. They hope to meet with all the sponsored kids (and their families) to help them with their needs. They would also like to revisit the places where we ministered during the “2020!” Evangelism outreach at the beginning of this year, taking some provision for those churches as well.

We want to thank you for your support financially -- which are sweet offerings to our Lord-- and for your prayerful support over these last several months. Even when we weren’t able to physically get to Haiti, work was still continuing in these villages. We should not be too quick to forget all of the salvations and baptisms there this year! Thirty-seven souls have been added to the kingdom so far!! Rejoice, for God is moving around the world!  Please continue in prayer, for Darrell feels in his heart that God may lead us to other places in addition to the island country this fall.

Back here in Missouri, we’ve had the privilege to see people saved and baptized, delivered, and healed. We continued to meet as a fellowship of believers even as the church buildings closed down. If the church closes again, we would encourage you to continue to meet with a body of believers for worship and prayer in addition to participating in services online. We need each other’s presence and encouragement.

If you feel led to give, we will make sure that gets to the Haitian people this trip. We thank you guys so much for being sensitive to the leading of the Lord and being anxious to do His will in faith and in action. We look forward to giving you a great report on the good things God will do through this time in the coming weeks. We love you guys and pray for you often! Please remember us in prayer -- and drop us a line to let us know how you're doing!

‘Til the whole world hears,
The Tonsings

Darrell, Christina, Josiah, & Micah  Tonsing

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