The Hand of Providence

I want to share a cool story with you:

Today, my Haitian friends and I were working on the outside toilet, putting on the roof. When I was up on the side of the wall with the drill. I accidentally moved the board that the drill was on with my foot!


The drill fell off of the board and hit the side of the stool. With that hit, it popped the battery off, and the main part of the drill went on down about 20 ft into the toilet. The battery landed safely to the side.

When the drill landed, it landed perfectly with the handle up so that they could lower a rope down easily and wrap it around the handle, and pull it back up.

It seemed as if with God‘s providential hand was orchestrating the events of the situation. He had a whole bunch of Haitians working together to get the reward of 1000 gds (just under $15 dollars) to get us our drill back, just to show us He works all things together for good.

It’s not a huge deal, but it made my friends’ day, and it made for a good story about the good hand of God in our lives.

Strangely, I could not get one single kid to volunteer to wrap a rope around himself and be lowered down to get that drill! (Ha ha)!



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