The Greatest Gift

I went to Cap Haiten last week, God did some cool stuff, and we received much help from Him. When I returned home,  my wife wanted to go for a ride, so we went down to the river. When we came back, there was a 10-year-old boy at the gate of the house. We started talking to him and asked him if he had Jesus in his life, if he had been saved. He said, “No.” Then I asked him if he would like to hear a true story, and he said, ”yes”, so I told him all about Jesus. He was super-excited to receive salvation and will soon be baptized.

Well, that would have been cool enough, but, during the story, a 14-year-old girl came up and was listening intently too. She had that look, that look like, “Can I receive this gift as well?” I asked her if she wanted to follow Jesus as Lord, and she was excited to pray and receive also. When I was talking about baptism, another woman said, “I’ve been saved, but I want to be baptized!” They all got Bibles! 

All in all, a great night for a 35-minute stop! Pray they respond to our invite to church, and they get baptized soon!

There is no greater Gift than Jesus!! Praise Him!!

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