The fields are white unto harvest!

Last week, four of us went out and did some scouting for some possible outreach locations in Haiti for the first week in January. We found a community several miles out in the middle of nowhere (only one way in and out). Along the way were many villages that were hungry for the preaching of the Gospel as well.

During one of the stops, we met a witchdoctor that was interested in what we had to offer until I told him he would have to get rid of the voodoo to serve Christ. He then said he wasn’t ready…yet. He had more business to do. We asked to pray for him and he refused. We warned him that Jesus may return any day, he replied that he wasn’t ready to stop doing voodoo. This is one of those stops that make it such a necessity to pray. He needs supernatural assistance!

Lasyén, Demarag, Penkwa. Three villages that need prayer before we go there!

Probably about 3000 people in all … we hope to reach half or more. We hope Jesus will be the talk of the town for a long, long while.

There are, and will be, many that are ready to receive, and as they gather the first week of January, we have something amazing to share!! The fields are white unto harvest!

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