The Faithfulness of God in Haiti, Summer 2015

Greetings friends,

 Words will not be able to contain the awesomeness God showed us. I will give it a try anyway. This letter will contain a bulleted summary to get as many cool things in one letter as possible. Let’s start with provision…

*God provided for the trip and for people. Airfare, Bibles, supplies, JESUS Film equipment, food, gas. Sharing the Gospel costs money; God makes this possible through the Body of Christ. Over 1700 Bibles were distributed to over 45 pastors and also people who received Jesus. The pastors loved very much being able to provide Bibles for their people! While providing rice to widows, one lady said she had awakened that morning praying to God for food. IMG_2525God provided for her; she didn’t know her pastor was going to show up! God provided awesome weather at all the JESUS Film showings. We were in the midst of the rainy season even! Not one event was canceled on account of rain. (We do them all outside in public places.) A true miracle! Many times God parted the clouds to proclaim His Word in a dry place. Out of the dozens of times we have showed the film from the first time, we have not been rained out once. Praise God!

*God worked in hearts. 136 people were saved. 136 brand new babies are now calling out to God! At the jail, on the street, at a school, after the JESUS film, God prepared the hearts and gave the people open eyes and a faith to believe. IMG_2705 About 57 people rededicated their hearts to the Lord.

*God healed people in Jesus’ name. Before one JESUS Film showing, a man was moaning on a bench, unable to stand, pain throughout his body, sick as could be. The pastors of that church asked our team to pray. We prayed, and asked him to stand — and not only did he stand. but he jumped and leaped and lifted his hands and praised God. When His wife saw what was going on, she covered her cheeks and mouth with her hands in utter amazement that her husband was walking over to watch the JESUS Film. It was a fun evening! On many occasions, our family was beginning to be sick, but God gave us a supernatural grace to be healed as soon as we called to Him. It was a miraculous time of healing. I was the only one to be in the hospital this time, and I just needed to eat better. Turns out my blood was anemic. Nevertheless, God turns all things to good as we witnessed and gave out Bibles at the hospital. Haiti Family picMicah was healed of his sweaty hands and feet. This problem has plagued him since birth. It has seemed like the enemy was always attacking his feet and hands. But God’s Word says, “How beautiful are the feet of those who bring good news.”
Including Micah’s!

*God poured out His Spirit on the Gospel presentation. At some of the invitations, we were literally surrounded by a multitude of people wanting prayer and seeking God. What an amazing God we serve!! I wish we could have videoed in the dark. There were truly amazing times with the outpouring of the Holy Spirit. Twice I had the privilege of preaching. God helped me to move out of the way and surprised me with preaching that was super-charged. Dozens came forward for prayer. We have this treasure in jars of clay….2 Cor. 4:7-12.

*God protected us. From buying Bibles that seemed more like a drug deal on the street, to crossing the flooded river, to Micah receiving a minor cut on his finger by a kid swinging a knife (Micah just said he didn’t think it was that “minor”, but it could have been much, much worse.) Protection while driving in Port au Prince (you would have to experience it yourself to know) and on all the muddy back roads. Protection while showing the JESUS Film from those who openly mock and stir up trouble. Protection for the boys when they went outside the boundaries set for them. (This will rile up Daddy very quickly; there are many that would want a white kid for a ransom.)

I want to finish the update with a story about a young man with whom the Lord gave me affinity. His name is James. James was in jail when we went to visit there. On hearing the Gospel, he gladly received God’s gift to him. In situations like this, time will tell if there was faith in the prayer. We returned a few days later to visit, and he asked for help in getting out. The cost to bail him out was about 11 dollars. I kind of looked at this like gambling. I don’t know the kid, I can’t understand much, and the translator/pastor is leaving it mostly up to me. So, I decide to bail him out, all the time not knowing how he is going to do. The Bible that I had given him, he had already given away to a friend who didn’t have one. (I didn’t want him to give it away; I wanted him to read it!) So I gave him another one and entrusted him to God as he went about his new-found freedom. After a few days, I see him and get to talk to him some more. Well it turns out, he has been reading his Bible a lot! Entire books of the New Testament at a time! IMG_2613(He’s pictured here at the right, doing just that!)  Interest and hunger for the Word is a good sign of a redeemed heart…. So we continued to pray and meet with him regularly. After some time, I can see God in this new believer. He not only wants to please God, but he wants to do exactly what I encourage him to do because Jesus said, “If they listen to me, they will listen to you”. Truths such as working for the things you need, instead of stealing. He came with us to the JESUS Film showing the time the sick man was healed and the Spirit fell on the place, and James loved it. He loves God, and it shows. We encouraged him in the faith and know that God isn’t going to let him go, but will finish what He started. Please pray for James and all those who believed in Jesus. Thanks!

For those of you that prayed and gave, you have over 3500 or more people that will thank you in heaven one day for giving to the Lord of your time and resources.

I am going next week July 24-Aug 1st to Guatemala with a team of awesome believers to Shadow of His Wings orphanage. We will be showing the JESUS Film at some schools and hopefully some public places. We are praying about when to return to Haiti as we continue to learn the language. Your prayers as always are so needed. Pray for the salvation of souls and people to be rescued from darkness. May God bless you abundantly!

Take a minute to give thanks and praise to God for all He has done for His people!

We pray we have opportunity to show our love to you. We love you friends.

Til the whole world hears,

Darrell (Christina, Josiah, and Micah)

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