The Bride of Christ

Scroll through a few posts to see and hear some of the happenings within the churches Gospel for Haiti supports:

Community Garden

A plot of land for the purpose of neighbors (in this case church members) planting veggies and fruits to feed their families. They will use it and give a little part of the harvest to Gospel for Haiti so we benefit from what God is doing too. They have worked hard and are planting more crops often.
From Gospel for Haiti on Vimeo.

Benches for churches







Country Pastors in Haiti have several problems to contend with. No chairs is one continual problem. Today Gospel for Haiti is delivering wood and concrete for church building materials for two churches. It’s not much, but it sure makes a huge difference! Thanks for your support!

Faithful pastors
If there is a roof and a place to sit at church, we have reason to be thankful. We are seeking to help these pastors.
Jehovah Jireh Church in Mapou (near Hinche)
The church in Mapou is doing well and making great use of their building (thank you again for the support you all provide!)
Worship at a House Church
Darrell taught at a house church in Pignon…teaching in only Creole again!! These people are truly patient people!! Praise God for a great service!
Everyone at church worships, even the youngest

Everyone worships from Gospel for Haiti on Vimeo.

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