Testify with us: God is Mighty!

Pray with us for the new believers, Socrates and his wife. They are the couple who recently converted wholeheartedly to following Jesus — and he left his previous practice as a voodoo witch doctor, burning those implements at the church.

That is a really big deal down here, and some in the culture believe it’s not even possible to turn to Jesus after involvement with voodoo. Socrates and his wife have experienced that freedom and grace and mercy, and now they have an opportunity to go to another village and encourage the townspeople there with their testimony.

It’s in an area where another missionary couple has been working, battling the heavy darkness of voodoo. In fact, we met this couple because they had posted on a Haitian Facebook group wondering if anyone knew of any voodoo witch doctors who had converted to following Jesus — they desperately wanted/needed someone to come testify to the people in their area that it was indeed possible! It turns out they are working in a nearby village, only about 30 minutes by moto northeast of Pignon.

So, tomorrow is the day. Socrates and his wife are packing an overnight bag and IMG_9433will travel on a motorcycle (driven by Darrell) to go and testify that Jesus’ saving power is mightier than the enemy’s!!!

We are praying for no obstacles whatsoever, for protection for their health, their travels, their home (and mute daughter and granddaughter) while they’re gone, for their courage, their obedience to the Lord, and inspiration for their very words as they proclaim the light in the darkness.

We are also praying for cultivated hearts in those who hear, for great weather as they are scheduled to share in the evening in the town park (and are staying with the mayor in his guest house), for divinely-directed people to suddenly decide or maybe “just so happen” to attend and hear and respond, for any plan of the enemy for subversion of this time to be absolutely foiled.

PS Those who worship the enemy certainly do very public and lengthy times of loud praying and crying out to their lord (if you ever get to visit here, you might get to hear it at night!) Yet our Lord is so much more powerful and awesome!!! Let us join in that victory He’s already provided us by fervently seeking Him with our powerful and effective prayers!!)

Update 06/14/17:  Socrates and his wife (the ones saved out of Voodoo) were all smiles this evening as last night was a major success. About 300 showed up and 3 people were saved in Ranquitte. Socrates and his wife stayed with the mayor of the city in his guesthouse which they loved.

I asked them could you ever have imagined they would be here last year this time? They said that it was miraculous, and lifted their hands to God. Both of them grinning like school girls.

It’s so much fun seeing what God does! They didn’t have enough money to have a phone and don’t have much of anything material. When I say no money, I mean no money! God took them there, housed them, had them share what God done, and brought them back with even money in their pocket! Looks like they might get a new roof to boot. No matter where you are in the world, you need to believe God can lift you out of the dirt to higher ground! God sees and God saves! Praise Him!

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