Talking Shop

I spent some time talking truth at the local intersection in Tinot. My throat is tired — ha!

At one point a local “Boko” witch doctor had a knife in his hand with which he was slicing a mango, and, because he was a very dramatic, expressive person, he waved that knife around like he was going to hurt me. He had no desire to do harm, but he was sure convinced that God created witchcraft. I told him that although God allowed it, it didn’t come from God’s mind, but rather from evil.

The three bokos there (I don’t know why they come in threes lately) didn’t disagree that they were serving Satan. They just wrongly (and tragically) believed that if they followed Jesus, then they wouldn’t have anything.

Tbe truth is: Jesus IS everything! After about an hour, one of the bokos said, “I’m getting tired of listening to him (me)!” Ha ha. Time well spent, and I learned some more Creole.

Thanks for remembering us in prayer.

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