Such a "Good Friday"!

After God putting it on our hearts again this year, we decided that today we would carry the cross across the town of Pignon, Haiti and preach the Good news.

Jesus did great things for you on Good Friday!!

This morning we preached Jesus taking our place, and paying the price for us and Salvation in the Name above every name!

Throughout the streets of Pignon, Haiti, there were hundreds of people for sure! It was a great morning, thanks for praying for the work here! One 18-year-old received Jesus as his Lord and Savior today. We passed out hundreds of tracks. I think there were many more who were deeply impacted yet we won’t know about until heaven. 90% of the people were loving it, and 99% were interacting with us.

We do what God says, and He blesses those who hear and receive God’s plan for Salvation! We are showing the Jesus film tonight and will do it again! Thanks for your prayers!

Thanks Carl Closser, Nizon, Socrates, and everyone else that walked with us!  (Thank you Carl for the pics; he kept the Haitians out of the pics best he could so as to not offend.)


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