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We have been in Haiti 22 days now! The previous post contains some pictures and reports about the work the Lord is doing already; this is part of last week’s email newsletter. You can also sign up to receive our newsletters via email by visiting this site.

Thank you so much for your prayers; they have been effective in keeping us on track and seeing people saved in Haiti!  David Packwood traveled out with us and stayed a week helping us get water on the 2ndday. We have since received electric power via Inverter, solar panel and batteries. Christina and the boys love the Mission Center and have adjusted easily to Haitian life.

Wednesday, we had some time to minister in a major city called Hinche. We prayed to be led of the Lord, and the Lord led us to a river bank where we preached for about 10 minutes and 2 came to the Lord. One of the ladies was so excited to receive the Lord that she ran through the water, swam across the river, and came and knelt where I was preaching. She was a humble lady that was ready to receive from the Lord. She and another lady prayed to receive Jesus right there on the river bank. It was a supercharged time. We also prayed for several people needing healing.  Later we went to another section of the city near Mapou and a man, formerly Catholic and away from the Lord, came forward to confess Jesus as Lord. Additionally, we’ve been able to treat half a dozen or so townspeople until they were healed of pinkeye.

We showed an inspiring evangelical film here in Tinot last Friday. Many people had requested it, and it is a great way to disciple people as well.

We are looking forward to building a church on the land across the road that the Lord has opened the door for us to purchase. This “Church” will be a church building, but also a multi-purpose building for just about anything we or the Haitian people would need it for. Please be in prayer about this project.  We would like to start this year if God would want that.

For the next several weeks we will seek to evangelize out in areas that haven’t heard the Gospel as a whole. We desire to go into these small villages, find a man of peace, plan an evangelism event and then share the Gospel.  If it is planned right, we could have hundreds of people attend, even in small villages. Please be in prayer for these events.

As always, thank you for your continued support. Your support enables this ministry, which delivers a message of such great importance — salvation is forever, and so is the alternative.  God help us all to do what God is asking!  Thank you, Thank you, Thank you. God bless you all as you seek the Lord on behalf of the Haitian people.

Until the whole world hears,
Darrell Tonsing

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