Praying for Healing

This lady’s leg was in a desperate situation after suffering a small cut that just would not heal but instead kept growing deeper and wider and much worse, even following surgery to stop it. We helped coordinate a few groups to come together to help her (thank you Amanda with Psalm139Love, Dr. Berry with Project HOPE, and several Gospel for Haiti supporters who helped as well — just to name a few), and we are now hopeful that her leg can be saved.

When Darrell first visited her, he reported, “I went in where she was, and it was the smell of death; today there was the beginnings of physical life in her leg, I could sense it! This is not just a physical battle. This is spiritual too. She also received a Bible radio so she can be encouraged in the Word of God! God our healer, raise her up!!”

It looks as if she is on the road to recovery, but she still needs your prayers. Someone was cleaning her leg last week, it seems, and hit a artery. They had to do another surgery to stop the leak. and she lost enough blood to need it replaced. She is doing well and is better than when we first met her; we are believing this is just a small setback. After this most recent surgery, she is staying with us at the Mission Center for a few days since we are closer to town (this way she is within reach of the doctors who need to treat it more easily.) We are privileged to show her and her aide a small bit of hospitality. What a great lady of God that is totally believing, along with us, for her leg to be better. Yesterday she was praying, singing, and worshiping the Lord.

(face obsucred to protect privacy–but look at that grin!)

After one more stay in the hospital, she was finally released to go back home. You could tell that she was SO glad to be at home. Darrell said she had that baby in her arms in about 30 seconds.

Please pray for her with us. Often when I pray for her I can sense God working and that He is pleased with her and our prayers. Thank you again!

Note: the pictures above are of a few people giving blood for her; her grandson and some of the team visiting with Project HOPE gave too — praise God for them! (In Haiti, a person who needs surgery or a blood transfusion must first find someone with their blood type to come donate blood for them.) We’re also including a picture of her initial situation; if you have a queasy stomach, you might not want to look at the last one (fourth one under this paragraph.)

















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