New Wheels

We had the privilege to be involved in an answer to prayer. Source Ministries, a new ministry in Springfield, received a donated wheelchair, and they donated it to Gospel for Haiti.


Well, they didn’t know that I had been praying for a wheelchair every time I saw this lady and her need for a new wheel chair. (She is the wife of a pastor with whom we work.) I flat-out told her, “I’ll pray, because I don’t have the wheelchair to help you with.”

Well, God provided the wheel chair, He gave the transport of it for free, and no customs on it. The pics and video says it all.

She was so thankful! This isn’t what we mainly do, but God wanted it to be done, and we were an answer to prayer. A lot more is prayed for and done, but we can’t tell you everything. Praise God for your love for the Haitians and us!

Look at how used the old wheelchair was, it was literally worn down nearly to the rim!

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