We showed the Jesus Film in Savanne Rouge, Haiti tonight, Aug. 22, 2016.

I wanted to come back to Savanne Rouge because God showed up in a powerful way when we showed it there last year. At that time, an older gentleman, who had been sleeping in the church for a few days because of sickness, had gotten better immediately when we prayed for him. He even walked out of the church to go watch the film that night. Last year, we told you about how his wife clasped her hand over her mouth in disbelief that her husband had come out of the church to watch, because he was that bad off.IMG_0419

THEN tonight, I was dancing with an elderly lady (we play music before showing the film, and if we dance, they dance!), and this lady said to me, “I’m the wife of man you all prayed for!”

Praise God!

We went and talked to him and it was so encouraging to hear him testify of God’s grace. He motioned all around his body like he had done a year ago saying he is totally better.

We gave an invitation and nine believed and confessed Jesus as Lord! Thanks for your prayers for the Haitian people!! It was a fantastic night!

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