Loving the Light!

As I was reading the Bible this morning, I came upon a scripture that talked about the hardness of men’s hearts and their bent toward destruction. I then thought of the previous voodoo witch doctor in Haiti that laughed and laughed that I would serve God, but I had told him in confidence, “Creator God is God over all and His Son Jesus loves you and helps you.” He went on to talk about there being no rain in over a month and how God didn’t care. We had prayed that night, and the next day, God provided the rain. [To read more about that story, click here.]

God’s grace illustrated by the tremendous difference in this witch-doctor-turned-evangelist



This background gives an even broader view to see the abundant grace of the Lord in that, several months later, God took this rebellious God-hater and turned him into an evangelist that is now telling the other witch doctors (bokos) about how God has saved him! I can see a million times difference in his life! His whole face is on fire with the love of Christ!

This missions call is the hardest ongoing trial I’ve ever chosen to be a part of, BUT I wouldn’t trade it for anything! The wonder of what God does in the human heart is beyond understanding, yet it is so simple a little child can understand it.

God sent His Son into the world to save men condemned to die. Those who believe Jesus can save them, will be saved! Do you truly believe this amazing grace? If so, it will change your life!

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