Living in Community

I like living in the heart of a community, where people share in the problems together. Stressful sometimes, but always gives a great platform to teach a better way. Today, two men sent seemingly by the enemy, came in and stirred up the village of Kandelon. They were making fun of the work and the well, even threatening people. They stirred up the entire community. Isn’t it typical of the enemy? God does a good thing and the enemy sends someone to disrupt the good He is doing there. God put a well in Kandelon and we praise Him for it. Some people will always seek to pull people down with their deeds. We don’t stoop to that level. We pray, shake it off, laugh and move on. Please pray for the people that they aren’t bothered by attacks but are at total peace. God has done a great work and we praise Him.

Thunderstorms blew through…beautiful evening!


Foggy and cooler this morning. A lot of rain last night. It’s going to be a great harvest this year! Praise God in answer to our prayers!

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