July 2015 – Guatemala

Wow. It has been quite the run! I sincerely hope all is well with you and your family. I want to write because I just got back from Guatemala on a mission trip where we brought the Jesus film to the community of Shadow of His Wings Orphanage. We served the orphans there and also did outreaches to the city. Fourteen were on this team.

 God did great things, and since the Israelites got in trouble when they quickly forgot the Lord’s goodness, let’s proclaim and remember what He does!

 Here are just a few highlights:

Seven people got saved for the first time where we ministered at a nursing home. Many in this group were crying as we showed the JESUS Film, and it was very touching as, near the end of their lives, they would call out for mercy from God. I believe it was no accident we ministered there. God’s mercies never cease.

We showed the film and ministered at a public park, and a nearby church ran the sound. The Gospel could be heard for blocks, and the people came. About 175 people attended, and at least three received Jesus for the first time.

We also showed the film at a local college/high school. It is always important to not get discouraged when you start something, as we saw in this place. When we started the film, only two people were present (besides our 17 people.) That was different! DT invitationAs the Gospel presentation went on, though, we continued praying, and people came in by two’s and four’s. After 20 minutes, there were about 100+ present for that showing, and 19 were saved for the first time. All made a public profession of their faith and received Bibles. It was quite a privilege to be a part of this life-changing time.

Your support with prayers and gifts are making this work possible. Over the past three months, 165 people have given their allegiance to the Lord with your help; this is not counting rededications or healings. Just think of how this is going to change so many around those people as well. We believe there are “Billy Graham’s” in those people being saved too!

God has proven Himself time and time again. He is worthy of our faith in every circumstance. Thank you for being involved. Galatians says we will reap a harvest if we don’t faint. That is so true.

Blessings to you,
Darrell (Christina, Josiah and Micah)

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