Joy in the life of Jesus

After a seeming disappointment in the village of Aneke with a distraction of a near-by soccer game, things turned around with another large crowd coming to hear the evangelism outreach. This time approximately 200 people were there, and they were so very thankful for the team coming to share. There was music and worship, the Jesus Film, and some powerful preaching from the Word by Pastor Nelson. Many people responded with joy to the Good news, and 5 young people chose to follow the Lord for the first time.

The following day, the crowd was SO very excited, almost giddy about getting to see and hear about the life of Jesus through the Jesus Film. This crowd was definitely the most excited about the team coming to their village out of all the villages we’ve visited in the past six years that we’ve been doing this! There was one new salvation and many, many who were encouraged in their walk with the Lord.

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