Jesus Reigns Supreme

This morning a couple of my friends and I went like Gideon to where some people were doing voodoo regularly. We obeyed the Lord Jesus in placing a Cross (the ultimate victory!) in the place that the Lord has claimed back as His own!

Well, later, as I am returning, I see 5 kids there throwing rocks at the cross! Slightly irritated, I begin to correct them. Then, having compassion for the fact that they didn’t know any better and may have been taught to even hate God, I explained to them the Gospel ( they were willing to listen.) As I talked about these things, their countenance was changed from anger to wanting to receive this relationship with God and the forgiveness of sins. As often happens in Haiti, as I talked several more arrived, some I recognized.

All in all, 9 made a decision for Christ! Four of those are brand new believers!!! I wish I could have done before and after photos, because several of these kids’ faces are brand new, probably because of a new heart! Let me introduce them by photo!









Yeah God! Something the enemy meant for harm, God turned to Good really fast! I tell you the fields are white unto harvest! So fun! So we gave them a Bible, a Tract booklet, and some small sanitary items donated by Sammy’s Window. It’s been a good day, and we haven’t even shown the Jesus film yet!

Pray more are saved tonight as we share the Gospel thru the film. Thanks in advance for your prayers!

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