January 2020 Newsletter


Gospel for Haiti set out recently on an evangelism outreach to Penkwa, Aneke, Demargue, and Massaide. It was the first of four parts. We seek to see “2020!” people discipled significantly for the Lord during these times!

During this trip, 25 total were saved, many made commitments for baptism, many rededicated to the Lord, countless came for prayer, and over 1,200 total attended and were encouraged in their faith! Jesus was the talk of the various villages for that week, and, no doubt, for the weeks to come. We give praise to God, because where we couldn’t do anything God came through and did everything! We had literally dozens praying for this outreach on any given day and God came through!

Though the enemy sought to distract and harm, the 7-year-old boy crossing the street near us who got hit by the motorcycle was miraculously protected!

Praise the Lord, a roof was provided for a country church! They had been earnestly seeking the Lord regarding this desperate need, and Gospel for Haiti got the privilege of being an answer to a prayer. The congregation praised God, and the Spirit of God showed up!

Hundreds of Bibles, tracts, and Bibles study booklets were distributed to the extremely poverty-stricken churches and areas. About 300 backpacks with Scripture printed on them were also given out.

Here are some of the pics! We give God all the praise! Let’s do it again in February!!


Haitian believers surprised us with a singing visit!

Some of the team members in the January Outreach 2020!

Bags, Bibles, tracks for a local church!

God’s Word was broadcast nightly through each showing of the JESUS Film — and worship and praise filled the air preceding and following it.

Pastor Pierre Johncy teaching about Jesus!

The host family was so gracious and hospitable!


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