India/Nepal — October 2015

Hello friends!

Well, mission accomplished. It is good to be back on American soil and process all that happened. Your prayers were answered, and your Bible support was used to encourage and give life to these believers.

While there were many victories, I have never been so aware of the enemy’s desire to stop us at every turn. For example, one particular night, we went to show the JESUS Film, and of all things, I forgot the projector, which had been inadvertently separated from our equipment. So we called 2 1/2 hours away and asked them to meet us 1/2 way. They didn’t have gas on the other end, a big problem in Nepal. Plenty of Diesel, but no Gas. So the projector finally gets here 20 minutes later than our show time, which didn’t seem to bother the crowd who were very pumped. 10-01-15 outreach 3The kids were all over, just wanting us to greet them. (If you have never experienced this in a third world country, it is very encouraging when the cultures can be tough.) Anyway…we plugged in the projector and whammo, smoke! And a lot of it. (This happened twice with two different projectors!) So we moved on using a screen that was about 1/50 the other screen size. Despite the problems, 20 Hindu believers confessed their faith in Christ. Though the enemy wished that we would give up, God always has the victory. I would love to share a hundred stories but can’t, so I will share one more that I posted on FaceBook.

The Indian border police told us no Indian vehicles are allowed to cross the border because of political tensions. We were at the gate 15 minutes talking. We prayed. Next they said we should go to Indian Immigration and see what they say. There was a Christian woman at the Indian Immigration gate; we prayed. She said she would check with the online office to get approval, but no internet. For the first time in my life that I can remember, I was glad there was no internet. They said you can go through but, you will have to check and see if Napali Immigration will let you in. We took a bike taxi for another very scenic kilometer and the guy at the Napali Immigration seemed gruff and not interested in hearing our plight. We prayed. He also had mercy and let us pass. Next stop for approval at the Napali Police, then they let us pass. Do you know how many Indian vehicles crossed the border on that particular day?? Only two! At this crossing all day long! Both were ours. Can we praise our God for being bigger than the roadblocks in our lives! Praise the Lord!! God did good things for us.

There were many public professions of faith and prayer for acceptance of Jesus (many turning from Hindu) — 257 souls saved that we know of. Please pray for them!

IMG_3169IMG_330710-02-15 Baptisms (2)

We purchased a lot of Bibles — 7000 New testaments and 2125 complete Bibles (both Old and New Testaments.) The total was 9,125 Bibles so far and a few hundred dollars left to spend! The pastors were so appreciative of your care for their Church body’s needs. IMG_3221They thank you very, very much. I believe Jesus is smiling on you for your involvement in this mission. Thanks for your partnership in the Gospel. Haiti is next on the line up…


Darrell and the Tonsing team

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