Pics of some highlights of the family trip in May 2018. Evangelism, discipleship, Medical, humanitarian, building.

Thank you so much for praying — 47 salvations and rededications! Praise God!

After Jesus changed his heart and mind!
Killed a snake 🐍 while praying and preached to a village about temptations and sin, and God’s plan!
Outreach to the kids. Preached on excellence.
Dumanot Pierre Praying for the newly saved. One was blind, he received a solar radio Bible ! He was so thankful!
Josiah and I are building a table.
Pastors we support meeting to share what God is doing and praying about needs.
Shared with the guy the Gospel, trading his old machete with the new. For his age, he was a tremendous worker!
Pastor Celestin Augustin and I building a table.
I always enjoy my time with these dedicated pastors.
Every worker needs a good hat. Guys don’t need the lace. ha ha
This pic doesn’t do it justice!
Many Jesus film showings and many saved!
One guy plugs the hole while the other plays. Then they would switch off.
James D’Haiti working on the Freedom Center.
Setting up at Bouyara.



Many Haitians have high blood pressure.
Sometimes blood pressure is extremely high!



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