Heart and Soul

It was a very full day.

It still amazes me how poor people can actually be and still survive.  Christina and I went to check on the sponsored kids today at their school, and they are doing well.

One of the houses we visited was that of a sponsored family (2 of the 5 children have sponsorships for school.) Their parents died, and a relative is taking care of them in her decaying home. Their house leaks terribly, and they have dirt floors. They have great attitudes despite the challenges. Very sad. We would like to build this family a new home. Maybe a 10×20 block home. Pray with us for this to come about. Very heart wrenching. (As always, if you are interested in donating, look on the menu to the left to find the “Donate Now” button.)

Then, in the afternoon, Pastor Dumanot and I went to find a place to show the JESUS Film on Friday. When we arrived at a good place, we started sharing the Gospel with a witch doctor and two others, then 15 people were there, then 30, then 45 people. Three of those 45 were witch doctors! We declared that those who call on demons bring trouble for the village and the people need to pray against that evil. The people were listening to my broken Creole like I was a power evangelist. Ha ha.

They listened to Pastor Dumanot for a long time. God was totally doing that. God has something to say to them! One witch doctor raised his hand to accept Christ, but I am not sure it was genuine, as he had been drinking. We went along with his request to pray, but we will see and time will definitely tell. The people were excited that we have plans to return and show the film there. God has some business to do, and people to save!! It was a great day in Haiti 🇭🇹!

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