Haiti mid-trip prayer focus

Things are going well. I bought some Bibles during my stay in Port and will distribute most of them before I leave. We are sharing the JESUS Film tonight in a village with no local church and need your intercession on behalf of these precious souls. I believe we will show the Magdalena film, and the team from MSU that is here with Project HOPE will accompany if they want. Please pray for a powerful conviction of the Holy Spirit to be on the Haitian people. Please pray for boldness for them to make their choice for Jesus public, that they would not be afraid so we can give Bibles and connect them with pastors.

Pray for those in the team that are feeling yucky to be totally healthy.

Pray for me as I minister to the church in Vincent on Sunday with preaching that God will take total control of the service. That even there, people will be saved.

I can’t believe we have such a great opportunity to bring Jesus close to men, that they would hear the Word and so be saved. Blessings and much love. I’m so glad God has had us team up for such a time as this. Lives are being changed, and I thank you for the many ways you support us.

Darrell from Haiti dictating/ Christina typing  🙂

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