Haiti (January 2016)

The team made it back safely from the most recent trip to Haiti, and Darrell also made it safely a week later. Thanks so much for your support and prayers!  Several exciting praises from this past trip are included below, along with some prayer requests.

Please remember us in prayer because we will be more effective as you remember us. There are a lot of things behind the scenes that go on throughout the week: prayer for the sick, salvation of souls, discipleship of new believers, meeting with different prayer groups and ministry partners, and responsibilities at Project H.O.P.E.  I hope to return to Haiti in March for more evangelism and ministry.

Please pray with us:

  • More salvations
  • More Bibles sent out
  • Exact timing and places for ministry with the JESUS Film
  • Wisdom concerning knowing which opportunities to respond to in Haiti and other countries

Rejoice with us:

  • Approximately 500 Bibles distributed
  • 19 people saved during the trip, then 2 more saved later at a church service after the JESUS Film was shown
  • reports continue to come in about people getting saved as a result of showing the JESUS Film in local churches
  • the lives of the college women on the team were forever changed by this trip; many of them testified that the direction of their life has changeda - pic in yard 11872985_501671393314853_1946542826_o
  • God always takes great care of us

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