Good Friday Outreach in Port-au-Prince

Greetings fellow Haiti Evangelists!

I hope this post finds you in the best of what God has for you.

There is one passion on our hearts as we seek to continue to move forward in the things we believe God has called us to in Haiti. This passion is evangelism.

For the past 4 years, our family and friends, those who have caught the vision of the love of God being communicated by drama, have evangelized in this way on Good Friday. Three decades ago, I was personally brought to the attention of Jesus and my sin, by a drama called “Heaven’s Gates and Hell’s Flames.” So we are well aware that God uses drama and reenactments to communicate directly to the hearts of people.

The first year of these outreaches we put up a 33-ft tall cross, and the press interviewed us, causing more people to know about the saving work of Jesus on Calvary’s Cross. The second year we did a crucifixion reenactment. During the third and fourth years, we went to Springfield and reenacted as close as we could the road to Calvary and the drama of the sufferings beforehand while Jesus carried the cross.

Part of the reason for these re-enactments, I believe, is God wanting to proclaim, not just to lost people, but also to gain Glory through the praise of His people, and the spiritual realm, that Jesus, because of Love, did in fact die for the sins of all mankind. It is important to God that we remember this awesome act of sacrifice. Though this would seem foolish to some, God often uses the foolish to accomplish His goals. Immediately after this 4th drama last year, God begin to plant in my heart the doing a similar outreach to Port au Prince, Haiti.

For the past 11 months we have been seeking counsel from Haitians concerning this outreach. Overwhelmingly, the responses have been: “Great idea!” “This has never been done before.” “We should do this!” Based on this input, and in submission to the authorities in Christ to whom I submit, I sense very strongly a green light from the Lord in every way. This area is not Springfield where the opposition squeals their tires and yells at you. This is a city where some may respond physically, yet we are not dissuaded. (If the council of pastors in Haiti decide it’s necessary, we will have security or police as we evangelize.)

I truly believe this event is a huge deal to God. Also, I believe this is not just about evangelism, I believe Jesus Christ Himself wants to lead us as we cut through the darkness (that has been ruling that city and country for decades) while walking through the streets. (This is done by the Word of God, worship, the power of the Blood, and the word of our testimony.)

We are praying earnestly already, and I would humbly request that you would make this a part of your regular times in prayer.

  1. Pray for the protection of God’s people, and the salvation of the lost. Pray these principalities and powers would experience a defeat and lose ground as we proclaim freedom in Jesus Name.
  2. Pray for revival for the church of Jesus Christ in Haiti.
  3. Pray for all the logistics, all the equipment, and all the people that God wants involved to be involved. That in this outreach, “No weapon formed against us would prosper.”
  4. Pray for provision. This outreach will cost more than our usual Jesus film outreaches because it will involve more shipping expense of Jesus reenactment equipment, more travel, hotel rooms, transportation, and care for workers helping. We would love to go and be generous with food and care for the workers and not for them to be hard-pressed.

In closing, as we seek the Lord, everything we have set our hand to do in Haiti has come about through miracles, signs and wonders, and of course the normal events of life. God is with us, not because we ourselves are anything, but because of our desire to do what He says, and mostly because of His mercy to this people and to us. God wants His name to be proclaimed to the nations. The end of all things is nearer than ever.

WE ABSOLUTELY NEED YOUR PRAYERS AND FASTING FOR THIS OUTREACH! God is with us, but we need to call on Him, and He will give the victory in Jesus’ Name. We will rejoice together in the results for the Kingdom! Thank you so much.

Till the whole world hears,

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