God is our Rock!

What a great benefit it is to trust in God!  It is completely difficult for our brains to understand the will or the reasons God has for what He does, but as we humans look in the rear view mirror, we can proudly say, “I’m so glad we trusted in the Lord!” Who is like our God? Infinite in wisdom and power, yet truly a God who hides Himself.

While in Port au Prince, Haiti, during this evangelism outreach where we re-enacted the “Road to Calvary”, we wanted to remember what the Lord had done while doing battle with the forces of darkness. God has given us power to tear down strongholds in Jesus name, and we believed from the start the outreach would be more of a spiritual act of obedience than results that we could see.  This was very much a success because we did what we felt like God was leading us to do, not to mention two people were saved that day.

When someone is saved, you don’t know who that person is going to become in the future.  Will they be a great pastor? A loving husband? Another Billy Graham of Haiti? One of the guys who got saved said he had murdered several people. God cleanses everyone who calls on His name! May he be just like the Apostle Saul/Paul!

We were in one of the most dangerous parts of Port and though it was dangerous, the worst thing that happened was people were crowding us. Praise the Lord! We had police protection provided for the event. We had hundreds of people watching and many up-close–and-personal videoing of what we were doing in Jesus name.  People were singing and the Roman soldier was shouting. After we had done about a mile circle in this area, we returned and preached to the people who had been invited to follow us there.

Both churches were so excited to be part of this. This was the first time anything like this had happened in Port.  There have been many Catholic events, but nothing from the evangelical side. For the churches involved, this was truly exciting to be remembering Christ in this dramatic way.

Throughout the course of the whole trip, 18 people were saved and 6 people rededicated their hearts to the Lord. Praise The LORD! Thanks so much for praying for us!!

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