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ello Friend,

     BREAKING: We interrupt your regularly scheduled email reading, because we have good news for you! We just got back from Haiti last week, and it was amazing to watch God work in ways that only God can.We are so excited about all that God is doing in Haiti! We want these updates to ignite a fiery passion in you to pray. We want you to experience the joy the Haitians feel in part, the feeling of being forgiven afresh, the joy, pain, and the tears we see from the Holy Spirit working.
    Our first order of business when we arrived was to share the Gospel via film/preaching in Senkeim…the only problem was, what I thought was one city was actually called another. The place we were praying for was “Senkeim” but God knew we were going to “Madam Jwa” (Wife of Joy) which is just down the road. OOPS! Madam Jwa is where we had the first evangelism outreach this trip.  We showed the Jesus film and many came forward at the invitation for Salvation, to get things right with God again, and praying for healing. (About 30 people) We initially had many warnings from the people to avoid the city market when sharing the Gospel. However, we told them we felt called to meet in the city market regardless.  We walked through a very palpable fear and knew the reputation of that area was dangerous. We found out later 3 men with guns were attending, but, by God’s grace, we were protected and totally safe! Demons didn’t want us to have liberty to do what God says, but God, who always leads us in a triumphant procession in Christ, is always with us. Our angels are bigger than their demons, and God’s will was done! Thanks for praying!
    As Sunday rolled around, Darrell had the privilege of preaching in Tinot. Everyone enjoyed reconnecting with each other once again! Monday through Friday evenings we had revival services in Tinot. During the daytime we completed the Sunday School addition.  We (10 men) finished the construction just in time for a traditional Haitian revival party on Sunday. Later that week we evangelized out in the village of Risque. Many were saved there as well.
    The favor we have with the people is no less than remarkable.  We know and receive this as a grace from God. We need this favor in order for the Haitians to listen to us and receive the Word of God from us, whether it is on the street, in a park, or at a Church. God draws the people, and prepares their hearts.  We seek to share as He leads.  All praise and glory to God!
  We know we mention it often, but the importance of the everyday things we do is important to the heart of God and the people in Haiti. We continue to supply Bibles to pastors weekly, who in turn distribute them to people in remote areas. This is so crucial!  They need the Word! As we checked on our sponsored kids, they are doing well, and everyone seems to be getting good grades. Daily we see God moving His kingdom forward on the Central Plateau.
   Water is something that we here in America can easily take for granted.  The well we dug in Kandelon a couple years ago is functioning wonderfully, and is blessing the Haitian people greatly. We all are blessed to have been a part of it!
    There is an amazing new opportunity to repair a water well in the community of Tinot. Here is the video of what we are looking to do. This a real need that will directly impact many lives.  Jesus went about doing good, and we want to be His hands and feet on the ground in Haiti. To share truth about Jesus, and back up our love by caring, even for the wicked. (The witch doctor lives next door to the well!!) I hope and pray that this water job God has given us will soften this witch doctor’s calloused heart.). Our goal for this fundraiser is $4500. If you are interested in giving towards this well project click here.
    All in all, God continues to move the Gospel forward and out into the far reaches of Haiti. We cannot thank you enough for your support! We simply cannot reach the people of Haiti without you!  Your prayers and financial partnership makes such a difference for the Kingdom!  It’s already been a great year, and we are excited for what God will continue to do in 2021.

Thank you so much!
Until the whole world hears,
Darrell, Christina, and all of the GFH staff
Our Evangelism Team!

Picture above: Darrell seeking to draw in the kids to teach about Jesus!

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