Gas shortage!

We’re so thankful for visits from family and friends, for the wonderful ministry done while they’re here, and for safe travels.

We paid about $5 per gallon for gas last week as we headed up north to Cap Hatian to take Darrell’s sister back to the airport.

When we got to Cap, we started seeing more and more empty gas jug containers. (All the gas stations were out — a tanker hasn’t been paid and is waiting in the ocean port, last we heard.)

Then, when we arrived at the airport, it was already up to $6.50/gallon! We had to send someone on a motorcycle just to find where the gas was being sold! Crazy! All in all, though, we got back safely.

This past weekend, we hear, a small payment was made to the tanker, and a small amount of gas released, but the country needs a full supply of gas, or else things are going to get weird really fast in Haiti! Pray that God would supernaturally sustain His work — with or without gas!

There has been quite a bit of very good progress on the roads and bridges, as pictured here, and the short little video below that shows someone who found himself a personal little water park!

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