Exciting happenings!

Scroll down through this post to see some various pics and short
reports about what’s been happening over the past three weeks — praise the Lord for His work, for your prayers and support!

Wednesday 5/31: Praising the Lord for these two ladies at the river in Hinche who received Jesus as Lord and Savior today and for the other gentleman near Mapou who did so as well!!!

This was the guy that received the machete. It is really fun seeing them give something up in hopes of something better, just like with Salvation!

Here’s Darrell’s account of that time on the Gospel for Haiti Facebookpage: Two older ladies just came to Christ down by the river! The first lady ran to the shore where we were sharing the gospel, swimming where it was deep. She kneeled down to pray for God to save her! Many more were prayed for healing. Praise God for His indescribable gift!! Thanks for praying!!

Thursday 5/25: We’ve also been making some benches for Adonai Gospel Church.

What are we going to do with this wood today? Well a growing Church needs seats! We are going to make some benches!

Here’s the nearly-completed work, with Pastor Dumanot sanding it before it gets painted:

Thursday 5/25: First of importance in our mind is evangelism and discipleship, secondly, medical needs, whether by prayer or by medicine God has provided through His own wisdom! These kids have pinkeye. God made a way for the infection to stop!
Tuesday, 5/23: Dropped David off at the airport. We will miss him! Thank you brother! Had a good thing happen on the way home from Port au Prince!tire blew coming home from PaP
My tire blew out! It could have happened near a cliff or on a curve or while braking, or while avoiding the crazy drivers, or in gridlock traffic, but instead it happened on one of the few straightaways on that road so people could easily see us and have plenty of room to go around. It has been an incredibly hard day, but God says to not grow weary in well doing, so I’ll not do it.


Sunday 5/21: Micah is playing cards with the kiddos. He really loves the Haitian people. Makes a daddy’s heart proud of him.

Saturday, 5/19: Thanks so much for your gifts, they are like a sweet savor for our God. Some generous friends donated some eye drops so that families like these can be healed of pinkeye. He is so praising God right now. When I told him we have medicine for his eyes, he asked with a big smile, “It’s true?”I/ we love to pray and help these precious people. Blessings on those who help, pressed down and running over! Praise God!!

Thursday 5/18: Our friend David is holding the first five gallons out of our new well. Don’t despise small beginnings! We are working hard to take showers tonight. We prayed for some sick people in the market today and God showed up. Praise God for helping us in every way!!

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