Do Something

In the Church of Jesus Christ, some are senders, some are goers, some are interceders. Some do all, some do two, some one, and some are just spectators and just love the stories and miracles of the growth of God’s Kingdom. For your own sake and the sake of millions that need to hear…DO SOMETHING!!
They say, and I’ve heard it recently, “God hasn’t spoken to me for me to Go…”. Jesus gave us the commission long ago, and you should be waiting for Him to say “stop” or “well done” or “go here instead” but we err when we wait for the perfect time and perfect voice. God has spoken and He expects us to be working till He comes. No charge for this very Godly counsel. (This isn’t a push for our ministry, though we welcome your help in prayer) Get out there and love someone in Jesus’ Name!!

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