Divine appointments (September trip, 2016)

Darrell had an exciting “divine appointment”:

shoesI was just walking down the road and talking with a Haitian guy (I think his name was Ronel), and I asked him where he was going. He said. “To buy some church shoes.”

[This is a HUGE deal in Haiti. In their culture, no one would even attempt to attend church with the slightest defect in any piece of clothing or shoes. It’s just understood; if your shoes aren’t nice enough, you don’t go.]

Well, “it just so happened” that, only yesterday, a mission team member had finished his trip and returned to the states, leaving his shoes behind with directions to “give them to whomever needed them.”

 After talking to the Haitian a bit and seeing he loved the Lord, we went to where I’m staying, and I asked him to try them on.  Truly, it was like watching Cinderella put on the glass slipper.
Break it down: God cares about your needs, knows them and will meet them — especially as you call to Him. God be praised!!


Bonus: we even got to witness to his unsaved friend who is very interested in receiving Jesus as Lord.

It’s a perfect day already, and it’s only noon!

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