Well, my apologies it has been so long since we posted here. We continue to work, and share the Gospel in Haiti and at different times, other nations as God would lead. Let me see if I can remember and sum up 2023! Please let me ramble on a bit as there is alot to […]

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Hello! I want to tell you a story. The art of storytelling in America has waned, but people have not lost their ongoing need for stories to be shared. Jesus was a story teller, and if Jesus wanted to, He would make one up that fit the truth He was seeking to communicate. Storytelling is

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March forth!

Hello Friend, We hope all is well with you all and the record setting cold snap didn’t set you back to the 1930’s. We had one pipe break, but it was quickly repaired. I think for now, spring is springing! We want to share with you briefly about Darrell’s last trip to Haiti where much good

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