Bringing encouragement and the Good News

Gospel for Haiti (and its faithful supporters!!) was able to help one little country church, who would have absolutely no way to EVER come up with the funds for it, to be able to purchase some tin for the roof of their place of worship. The people responded with such gratitude and joy, and it was a very Spirit-filled time then. The pastor at that particular church described that, often, when it would be time for their church meeting, it would be raining — literally coming through the branches (like palm tree branches) which they used for a roof, and just raining, right on the church members as they stood and sang, undeterred, in their worship to the Lord.

They had been praying specifically for the Lord to send someone to help partner with them, to somehow obtain a roof for their building! Thank you, friends and family and supporters of Gospel for Haiti, for enabling us to be an answer to prayer for that body of Christ!!! (Their response to Gospel for Haiti’s modest gift for the tin was the same as if it had been something enormous like $10,000 — it was such a joyous time!)

We have also been able to provide many pastors and churches (8 so far) with Bibles and Bible study tracts, things which they, again, would have absolutely NO WAY to get for their people. You might remember that we shipped Bibles and tracts in November in anticipation of this 2020! Outreach, and have divided them into four parts (for each week of focused outreach.) So far, we have been able to distribute 1/4 of them, and the believers receiving them have been so encouraged. In fact, this whole journey has been a lot about not only bringing new souls into the Kingdom, but also encouraging the believers. Both are vitally important parts of the job for the rest of the Body. Thank you to all those who donated to have those Bibles and tracts to share with them!!

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