Breaking News! (Summer 2016)

We hope all is well with you, and we love getting to talk with you individually as often as we can. As we look back on what God has done in summers past, it makes us all the more excited about this year in evangelizing in some of the poorest, roughest, and toughest places in the world. “Toughest” because of spiritual opposition; “roughest” because of lack of roads, water and electricity; and “poorest” because the people often don’t have two Haitian Gourdes to rub together. The urgency to preach the Gospel to the Haitian people burns in my soul.  Since the inception of this work, over 500 people have been saved by the power of God through this ministry in Haiti and also briefly in India, Nepal, and Guatemala.  Praise God alone!

Micah leading the kids in a game of “Micah Di” (“Micah Says”). The kids come well before the showing of the JESUS Film at dusk in order to see the “blanc” people and find out what’s happening.

On May 10th, Micah and I (Darrell) will be traveling to Haiti for three weeks to start the summer ministry time. Micah will provide the benefit of drawing the kids to play before the JESUS Film, and we will also both continue to learn the language. Plus, we will be able to go literally anywhere our vehicle can go and stay in the roughest conditions as long as needed (guys need no special treatment.)  We will have the huge benefit of having Christina and Josiah coordinating prayer support and communication back home.  After a brief respite at home at the beginning of June, I plan to return to Haiti in late June and July with some Project H.O.P.E. teams for construction projects as well as evangelism and pastor training. If you’re interested in going with the evangelism team to Haiti in July, let us know, and we’ll get you connected!

We also have some cool news for you! After concerted prayer and meetings with trusted mentors and friends, we have incorporated Gospel for Haiti as a non-profit ministry in Missouri and have started the process of becoming a 501(c)(3) with the IRS. This will give us and our team the ability to pursue the specific directions God has put on our hearts. #72625_Gospel for HaitiWe will serve the Lord with a group of board members, continuing to be fully focused on evangelism, prayer, building relationships with local churches, discipleship of believers, and the distribution of Bibles in Haiti.  We have been used by God as a connection for these extremely poor areas in Haiti to receive Bibles, encouragement, and the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

This local pastor is excited to get Bibles for his flock
This local pastor is excited to get Bibles for his flock

We appreciate your faithful prayers and support as we seek to go as God leads, doing whatever we believe He wants, whenever He wants, wherever He wants.

We will continue to work in partnership with Project H.O.P.E. and 1:27 Missions Project in order to be most effective for the Kingdom of God in Haiti.

One exciting new facet of the ministry here in the states is that we will begin receiving automobiles, trucks, boats, motorcycles, ATV’s, and tools that people wish to donate. Business card -- back (phone pic)Isn’t it true that many of us know somebody with a car problem such as a blown head gasket or blown engine, or an ATV that is no longer used or running? Repairs like these on older vehicles can often times cost more than the vehicle is worth so that provides a fantastic opportunity — we can make repairs and sell those vehicles to raise funds for ministry needs in Haiti. During this “fixing up time”, we will provide practical training and discipleship for young men and/or women. This will be open to foster kids, home-school students, or whoever else is interested in learning more about the field of mechanics. We will be seeking out qualified mechanics to volunteer time and assist with this Kingdom endeavor.

During our trip throughout the remote villages of Haiti in May, we are hoping to take with us James (a new disciple from last summer!) and train him in evangelism, firing him up to keep going out to multiply the effect in these areas.  He has already come with us several times, and we believe God is going to use him mightily in the future.

We ask that you would keep us in prayer in advance of the trip, during the trip, and after the trip as well.  Here are some needs we have:

  • Salvation of souls (hearts that are prepared, ready, hungry for God)
  • Wisdom for direction in every step we take
  • Removal of blinders in peoples’ lives, blinders that hinder the understanding of salvation
  • Protection for the team in Haiti and back in the States
  • Protection for our friend and translator Kethlin and his family
    Kethlin, Ghana, and Roody with boxes of Bibles in Haitian Creole
  • Blessings for financial supporters as they entrust us with God’s resources
  • That in everything God would be honored and praised as we preach this wonderful Gospel.

Pray about how God would have you help in this endeavor.  It may be as simple (but powerful!) as letting us know you are with us and standing in prayer.

I have a sense this is going to be a time of much advancement of the kingdom because of all the things I mentioned above.  Thanks for taking the time to read this and staying involved! I believe we can expect great things moving forward as we call on the powerful name of Jesus!

#72625_Gospel for HaitiTill the whole world hears,a - pic in yard 11872985_501671393314853_1946542826_o
Darrell Tonsing (and Christina, Josiah, and Micah)

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