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In late July, our son Micah, our friend from church Nathan Decker, and Darrell traveled to Haiti and shared the Gospel many times. We saw three young people get saved and many were discipled during daily Bible-teaching times. The people in Haiti were very concerned about the coronavirus as they were first learning about the developments. However, it seems that coronavirus has not been affecting Haitians in that area of the world as much. This is tremendously welcome news in a place with 11 million people in a small area on half of an island.

As we continue to work with the church in Tinot, we are seeing real fruit in the lives of these believers. Very exciting to see the church growing! We also took the opportunity in July to help get the sponsored kids ready for the new school year by purchasing many hygiene items as well as material for the new uniforms.

This month, we will be returning to Haiti, and this time Darrell will be traveling with our friend from our local prayer gatherings, Nathan Grab (a different Nathan!), who will be a great asset to us. Please pray for our trip, as we will land and travel through what is currently one of the most dangerous cities in the Western hemisphere. Our mission for this particular trip will be to receive 5,000 Bibles in Port-au-Prince and transport them to the Central Plateau where, over the next couple of months, these Bibles will be distributed to pastors and then parishioners and new converts. If one Bible can make the difference in someone’s life in a radical way, impacting them and their families and communities, “what if” only half of those Bibles find good soil to grow in! I’m praying that every single Bible goes to a good home, and there’s no doubt the Haitians are very eager to receive them. Poverty is such that, in many cases, Bibles cannot be afforded; these gifts will receive a rich welcome wherever they go!

Your support – both financially and through prayer – is what makes trips like this one and the distribution of Bibles possible, spreading light and dispelling darkness. Thank you again, and please know we love you and are so grateful for your love and partnership in this calling.

‘Til the whole world hears,
The Tonsings

Darrell, Christina, Josiah, & Micah Tonsing

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