Angels Watchin’ Over Us!

Well, Thursday night was a cool experience. We showed the film, shared the Gospel, and then, when we finished with the altar time, the rain came. Not a drop fell during the film!

Driving home was super challenging, and you wouldn’t believe it unless you were there, but an angel must have pushed us up that steep grade after crossing the river because there was no way we could’ve made it. Sooo slick, like ice! God kept us from sliding off the road in one very dangerous place. 

He wants two things: for the people to hear the Gospel and for us to grow in Faith. Miracles happen when the situation is such that you need a miracle! Praise God for always going with us!

Between both the church service and the Film,15 people were saved and one rededicated their life to following Jesus. About 400 or more were encouraged; there were a lot of people there watching! They were very thankful we came all the way out there!

Thank you for praying for no rain during the showings of the film! Praise God!

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