And the Lord added to His church daily…

Friday started out with another great morning!!

A young girl (13) got saved! A cute girl that was ready, but had not been taught the way of salvation.

Also, we know that the daughter of a witch doctor (age 29 or so) is coming to the Mission Center to receive Christ’s gift of salvation and forgiveness of sins. We are excited for her! The inside story is that she didn’t feel like she could receive Jesus in her heart because she still did favors for her dad (the witch doctor.) Her words are that she was “obligated” to do that (because she still lived next to him.)

But God!

Because God provided a way for her to move and get out from under her dads grip, the family knows the time is right to receive Jesus. (Personally, I think she could have received Christ before, but that doesn’t matter.) The incredibly cool thing is now she wants to give her life fully to God! Praise God with us! People are being saved!

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