And He Gave Some to Be Prophets…

I just experienced something that I’ve never experienced before.

A little Haitian kid and myself we’re getting ready to go up a long and steep hill on a motorcycle, when I saw a middle-aged lady who obviously had a long way to walk needing a ride. I offered a ride and she gladly accepted. I began to ask her if she knew Jesus.

She begin to explain in Creole some things about what she believes! She continued on and on and on, (preaching/prophesying.) What was really cool was that I could understand almost everything that she said, and it carried with it a supernatural weight from the Holy Spirit! This lady was prayed up and a powerful woman of God!

I understood her Creole better than any other person I’ve ever heard in Haiti. I’m still not sure whether not she was an angel. It was an extremely encouraging ride as she blessed my spirit with the word of God. This little kid who was riding with me received the benefit of that as well.

These things happen on the field, because we have people around us that are praying. I will be heading out Thursday at noon — prayers appreciated! We got a lot of work done this trip!

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