All in a Day’s Work

Update on the day: started early prayed for success in all that would be done. Started the 4-hour journey and got stopped by the police and once they knew we are here to share the Gospel, they stopped being so picky (and not expecting a bribe, which — Lord willing — I’ll never pay).

Went on to see a motorcycle with a load of wood. Had to get my camera since it was so wide — then I wished I would have been taking a video because just after I took the photo, the two guys carrying the wood hit a guy on the street in the back and the wood (and the guy holding the wood) went everywhere, I slammed on my brakes and all was well with everyone, could have been a lot worse! I can’t make this stuff up!

Then I  picked up one of the pastors we partner with and help and rode with him and he knew of a young lady that needed the wheel chair we brought, so we delivered that before we went to the Mission Center. She and her family was super grateful to God!! Then I went and checked on the uniforms for the sponsored kids on the same road.

Afterwards, I went to take a quick nap at the Mission Center, then took off on motorcycle to Savanne Tabac where we are building the house. The builder has been slow because of sickness in his family, so it seems.  The recipient and family was so thankful for this humble home so far. We will continue to make it nicer. They have a great attitude; they are so thankful and they are just good people and need it for the kids.

After that met with some people, prayed with people, prayed for rain, ate chicken and rice, bought some nails, picked some mangoes for the kids, and took a shower.

Then I watched James River TV’s Wednesday night service on prayer and was encouraged! Praise God! Will pray God does cooler things tomorrow! Love you all! Thanks for your support and prayer! We seek to lift the Name of Jesus High in Haiti!

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