A Thirsty People

Last week, Gospel for Haiti had the opportunity to give water to the community that we live in. Every family was thankful and kind. We probably served 20 or more families some individual families needing over 20 gallons of water. The public well near us is closed for treatment.

The nearby well pump is being treated, so guess who is knocking at the gate wanting some water? The neighbors we love! Their parents expect them to come back filled up! They were very appreciative!

I was often reminded of what the alternative is: going without water, or going to the river. You can’t go without water too easily for too long, and I’ve seen the river….uh, no. People often do not realize the difference between the have’s and have not’s. We are right in the middle poverty central, and I’m still trying to wrap my mind around it!

A family that I was visiting with today, brought a knife out to cut something for me, it was broken in half and very dull — and without a handle! They didn’t have much material stuff, but they were giving some of what they had to me. I left with some basil and some lavender, and that was after having a great time with a precious family. They are praying for a roof that doesn’t leak. I will pray with them.

Praise God for clean water and a place to get it daily! God bless and help those that don’t even have this.

This year we are wanting to drill a well on a small plot of land we bought near Tinot, this will help the community that is about 1/4 to 1/3 mile from the pump be about a block or less from the water pump! This is a huge difference in distance when you are carrying 5-gallon buckets of water by hand. Our family learned this a few years ago when we lived with a poor Haitian family for a month. It’s difficult!

God is helping raise these people out of the dirt little by little. Thanks for your involvement and sending us here. We are learning to love the Haitian people more deeply, and I think they love us like family too.  


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