A New Name Written Down in Glory

Neland, daughter of a witch doctor, has had an extremely difficult time getting free from the grip of her dad. She had longed for this day more than I can explain here.

In Haitian culture, she was obligated to serve her dad in the Voodoo rituals. Now, though, having given her life to Jesus, all things are made new. The old is finally past. We have grown to love this family, and it is cool to see their progress in wholeheartedly walking with God. Fact is, they know it is all God. They have asked, and God has met them where they were.

Neland was baptized Sunday. She knows her dad will be extremely angry with her decision, yet she knows it’s time. If you remember the witch doctor that was so mad at Darrell several months ago…yep same dude.

The ladies that work for us in the photo were so excited as she called on God for Salvation. Everyone applauded and praised God that she bears a new name. Not the name from her dad, but she now bears the name of her Heavenly Father. She is secure. She is safe. The enemy can’t touch her. We rejoice. She knows God has touched her today, forgiven her, welcomed her into the family.

We were privileged to have dinner with the family and see their joy firsthand. The kids had ice cream for the first time too.

Please pray for them.

(Neland is standing next to Darrell in the photo with the flag. What a great day!)

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